General Organic Chemistry Course Review!

It’s the end of two long, tiring months and thus it’s only fitting it is time for a course review while sipping on a giant mug of hot chocolate and occasionally staring outside the window at the snow!


Snowfall after exams = happy Nishi

The “General Organic Chemistry” course starts after “Introduction to Biomedical Sciences” and is the second course of this programme. I remember being warned that passing and studying for this course would be immensely difficult. That scared almost everyone and our fears were confirmed.

This course includes 2 tests both which are compulsory and 1 voluntary test right before Christmas break and the final exam. Also, I wrote a blog on the labs that are covered in the GOC that you can check out. Additionally,  we had poster presentation for a pharmaceutical company we visited about which there’s a blog if you wish to read more and lastly we had a group project.

The course started as moderately difficult with basic organic chemistry topics covered such as hybridisation, isomerism, thermodynamics and a two or so reaction mechanisms. Test 1 one soon was around the corner with group lab report submissions going on. Delving deeper into the course it started getting more difficult with lots of information given to us! We were introduced to new topics, more reaction mechanisms, topics such as alkenes and substitution reaction, carbohydrates, condensation reactions and individual labs had also started.

It wasnt easy but with proper time management it is possible to submit your lab reports and study for the tests and occasionally go out to relax with your friends as well. After test 2, there are the final lectures and voluntary test 3 before it is Christmas break and we off to our home country to celebrate Christmas and New Years!

Focusing on my studies while being at home especially during Christmas was not easy personally speaking. I dedicated some time to relax but whenever possible found some time alone and studied for the test as well. I realised that studying the content for the previous two tests had somewhat made the learning process quicker because at this point I was basically just revising all the content. Thank you Test 1 and 2!

Directly after the holidays on the 5th of January we had our final GOC exam split into two papers. Both papers were for 2 and a half hours with 1 hour break in between for lunch. Post exams I decided I needed a break from the studying and thus bought myself a cheesy pizza at 4 pm, wobbled through the snow and got home to devour the pizza. All those worries about the exam were long gone!

Honestly, the course is going to test you, it is difficult and there is a lot of information you have to retain but I believe by studying ahead and keeping up with the lectures you might find it easier to understand everything.

There are seminars and pre-exam lectures where any doubts you have or questions will be clarified. I hope the exam went well (fingers crossed) and I managed to pass.

Until then I’ll be stress eating and thinking about the next course.

Medicinal Biochemistry here I come!

See you around,



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