Neuroscience symposium at KI

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Today I want to shed some light on the neuroscience symposium that took place on 23rd March. Often at KI you will find talks being held by the library or symposiums in lecture halls both in Solna and Flemingsberg campuses. The main purpose is to highlight progress or just discuss current research on certain topics.

The neurosceince symposium that was held was a collaborative project between NIH and Karolinska Institutet. The joint neuroscience symposium was held at KI in one of the lecture halls and it was a two day event.

A variety of speakers were invited and topics like schizophrenia, neuro degenerative disorder inflammation, body self perception neuroscience, formation of long-lasting memories and other research topics were discussed.

On of my old dorm mates had her research going on in schizophrenia and left me some of her notes from her thesis which I started reading for some light reading. That’s when my interest in neuroscience heightened.

After attending these lectures and talks that go on at KI, you not only learn new things and more about research but your might even find out which area of research appeals to you. Surely, some of the words and processes they talk about are not always understood being a first year Biomedicine student however one can always research that later on.

There are many such seminars held and another one regarding immunology and microbiology on staphylococcus skin infection will also be taking place. You can always find out about such seminars and lectures via the KI calender website or like me read the posters on the doors.

Either way, it is always valuable and fun to attend these seminars/lectures/smposiums as you not only gain valuable knowledge but also get to meet some of the researchers and talk to them to get inspired.

You can find out more andread more about the symposium and topics discussed here-

Link to the KI calender that’s regularly updated-

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Cover image by ZEISS Microscopy shows a cultured rat hippocampal neuron. (CC BY)


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