Cell Biology: Part 1 of Cell biology and Genetics course

As mentioned before in this blog, I’ll be writing in detail about each part of this 3 part course and today we finished our Cell biology part of the course. The course ended with a test and part 3 of the course regarding the integrating project began.

Focusing on the cell biology, we learned about the following topics:

Embryology, Intracellular transport, Cell cycle, DNA, Extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton, Cell biology methods, Prokaryotic cell biology, Molecular developmental biology and Signal transduction.

I personally enjoyed studying the topic on embryology and intracellular transport. The different organelles of a cell and transport between them and the development of an embryo from week 1 these were some of the topics we studied. The lectures and slides used by the teachers were very concise and precise. We also had 3 labs and they were on:

1) Basic cell structure where we used fluorescence microscopy to localise the organelles of a cell and deduce the structure

2) Cell structure biology where once again fluorescence microscopy was used to deduce the actin filaments, DNA, tubulin, endoplasmic reticulum and other organelles of the cell. The first lab prepared us and introduced us to the methods used in cell biology like transformation and in the second lab we focused more on the transfection part and immunocytochemistry.

3) The last lab was the in relation to developmental biology and cell differentitation. This lab was one of my favourite labs from the 3 of them. We got to differentiate mouse neural progenitor cells into specific neural cells like astrocytes, glial cells etc. We also got to see the structures under the microscope.

All in all, cell biology was a fun and easy part of this 3 part course. The exam was a practice test for the final exam. It consisted of 20 multiple choice questions and 3 essay type answers. We also had a mentometer session where we discussed and marked it own papers after the exam. This helped both the students and the teacher as we got to clear our doubts and ask any queries regarding the theories whereas the teacher got to know if the examination questions were phrased right or not.

Yesterday and today we had time dedicated for our integrating project. This project covers both the cell biology and genetics part. We are divided in groups and each group is given a disease to research on that is its cell biology and in the next course it’s genetic aspect. My group had the disease called SCID (Severe combined immunodeficiency). Yesterday we had time to meet up and make models explaining the disease using craft materials. There were some really good models made and we presented them to our teachers and fellow classmates today. It was a fun day and we got to learn about quite a lot of diseases. Below are some pictures of the cell models.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back with more details regarding the project and genetics aka part 2 of the course! 🙂

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