An Applicant’s Survival Guide

As October rolls around, I’m reminded of just how stressed I was at this time last year. Applications for the Global Master’s programmes had opened and I was feeling ever so slightly apprehensive. From speaking to my fellow classmates, I now know that I wasn’t alone – we were all in exactly the same position.

I can imagine that many of you are sat in front of the application form as we speak, feeling similarly overwhelmed. BUT – worry not!


Here are 5 things I wish I’d known a year ago…

  1. Be organised.

You have time. A whole 3 months to be exact. This gives you plenty of opportunity to read everything the KI website has to offer and to become very familiar with the outline and syllabus of your course. I can’t stress how important the KI and University Admissions websites are; there is (almost) no question you can’t answer with the information they contain.

Everything that you write in your application needs to be evidenced. So use this time wisely to gather all of your degree certificates and transcripts into the same place. Not doing this can lead to a last-minute panic right before submission…

  1. Keep calm!

pen-idea-bulb-paper.jpgWhen you’re staring at your completely blank programme ‘CV form’, it can feel a little scary. The space provided for your text can seem huge, but once you start writing, you’ll have much more to say than you think. As someone who wrote multiple drafts of my application, adding in something different each time, I would definitely recommend spending a few hours brainstorming ideas before you start.

  1. Put your friends and family to work!

Your application will always benefit from being seen by a fresh pair of eyes. By your 100th draft, it can be hard to see those glaring spelling mistakes. So why not employ your loved ones as proof-readers? I can guarantee they’ll think of something you might have forgotten…


  1. Understand your own motivation

This is definitely the most important thing of all when it comes to your application. If you don’t know why YOU want to study the programme, you’ll certainly struggle to convince the admissions team. Spend some real time on this – it will definitely pay off.


  1. pexels-photo-356079Just ask!

If in doubt – ask! The admissions team at KI are always happy to help, and the details of the programme directors can be found on the KI website. Last but not least, of course, there are the digital ambassadors! Don’t suffer in silence, there’s always someone who can give you some guidance.


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