A vegetarian in Stockholm: Not as catastrophic as we imagine it to be

Yes, I come from a country that tops the list of Vegetarianism in the world. India has 38% of the vegetarian population! Therefore, being a vegetarian was never a concern for me back at home, but what happened when I confirmed my plan of moving to Sweden.


Not just me, my family, friends, family friends ( 😀 ), in short anybody and everybody I knew was discussing: ‘What will I Eat + How will I survive’

If you are in a similar situation continue reading and I promise all your worry will vanish in thin air.

10% of the Swedish population is vegetarians or vegans


I state this to imply the obvious. In a country where 1 out of every 10 people is either a vegetarian or a vegan, the market is bound to incorporate suitable food options for them. Where there is demand there is supply!

The supermarkets have abundant lentils, beans, vegetables, and fruits. You will find sections that have been allotted to suit a vegan diet. Moreover, you will notice how readily available frozen falafels and Quorn will make your life easier.

If at times you like to eat outside or have the pocket to support that regularly ( 😉 ) you will find restaurants that specifically specialize in veg dishes.

Now, what happens if you enter a restaurant randomly? Worst case scenario: you will ‘still’ find one to two veg-friendly option on the menu (unlike in Copenhagen: personal experience).

Amazing dairy products with comparatively cheaper pricesplant-white-fruit-berry-flower-petal

Stockholm is expensive! That is an established fact.

However, a study conducted in 2015 showed that the prices of dairy products in Sweden is lower than that of countries such as Italy, Greece, the United Kingdoms, Norway and so on.

Looking at the humongous variety of these products, well this is good news.

Even Free Food has Vegetarian Options!

Free Food = Happiness

Free Food = Hurray!

As a student, you will find yourself attending various events. In addition to the knowledge you gain during these events, ‘free food’ is a major motivation. Since Swedish culture encourages respect for personal choices you will always find vegan and vegetarian options in such events. Could it get any better?

Caution: at times your non-vegetarian friends choose to become vegetarians for one meal. Moral: be an early bird 😀

I started with emphasizing on how easy it was to be vegetarian in India. I would like to conclude by yet another fact from a study that states Sweden is the 4th best place to be a vegetarian within Europe. Well, this is NOT bad after all 🙂 !

Now apply for your favorite program without worrying!

All the best!!


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