Former digital ambassadors

Don’t miss out on the blogs and videos of our former digital ambassadors. You can read their blogs and watch their videos, but they will not be able to answer any questions.

Master’s in Bioentrepreneurship

Mireia, from Spain
Watch Mireia’s videos on YouTube

Tina, from Sweden.
Read Tina’s blog

Tinkara, from Slovenia
Facebook team

Andrea, from Puerto Rico.
Watch Andrea’s videos on YouTube

Shadali, from India.
Read Shadali’s blog

Master’s in Biomedicine

Sara, from Jordan/Sweden.
Read Sara’s blog.

Charles, from China.
Chinese social media team

Patrick, from Switzerland.
Instagram team

Tetiana, from Ukraine/US.
Facebook team

Eden, from Scotland.
Facebook team

Bachelor’s in Biomedicine

Marlene, from Germany
Instagram team

Nishi, from Belgium.
Read Nishi’s blog

Master’s in Health Informatics

Anne, from Germany.
Read Anne’s blog

Winner, from Indonesia.
Read Winner’s blog.

Adiba, from the US.
Read Adiba’s blog

Master’s in Global Health

Katie, from England.
Read Katie’s blog

Isabella, from Brazil.
Read Isabella’s blog.

Rahel, from the UK.
Read Rahel’s blog

Master’s in Health Economics, Policy and Management

Julio, from Venezuela.
Read Julio’s blog

Iida, from Finland.
Instagram team

Rahul, from India.
Watch Rahul’s videos on YouTube

Katherine, from the UK.
Read Katherine’s blog

Master’s in Molecular Techniques in Life Science

Ines, from Spain.
Read Ines’ blog.

Master’s in Nutrition Science

Callum, from Scotland.
Read Callum’s blog

Resthie, from Indonesia.
Read Resthie’s blog.

Dasha, from Estonia.
Read Dasha’s blog

Master’s in Public Health Sciences

Lauren, from Canada.
Health Promotion and Prevention
Read Lauren’s blog

Aleksandra, from Russia.
Read Aleksandra’s blog

Jing Wu, from China.
Chinese social media team

Master’s in Toxicology

Aline, from Mexico.
Read Aline’s blog

Jie-Hyun, from Netherlands/South-Korea.
Read Jie-Hyun’s blog.