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Hello reader!

Welcome to coolest blog! (cough, cough). I really hope you can find this page and its content both very useful and at the same entertaining, after all Karolinska is the most Stockwholesome place to come to study your Master’s degree. 

My name is Julio Sosa and I am joining this awesome team of Digital Ambassadors for KI as the blogger from the Health Economics, Policy and Management Masters Programme (first year). I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela 🇻🇪, where I also completed my training as a Medical Doctor at Universidad Central de Venezuela. 

Student life is about stepping out of your comfort zone…

Although it may sound odd, debate and international policy was a big part of my student life during my years in medical school, since I represented my university at Harvard National Model of United Nations for four years. I was also a Volunteer for the “Venezuelan Green Cross”, a student-driven organization that provided in-field medical care to citizens affected by the riots and government repression during the Venezuelan civil protests of 2017. As a student, I am a true believer of the idea that the more you get involved in extra activities, the most growth (both personal and professional) you will get!

What’s behind my decision?

Although Venezuela was one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the last decades of the past century, nowadays is facing the most severe humanitarian, economic, political and social crisis of our history. As a medical student and junior doctor, I experienced the deterioration of my country’s healthcare system and the collapse of the public health infrastructure. I witnessed at first glance the results of bad (or nonexistent) healthcare management and public health policies that led to shortages of medicines, water, electricity, equipment and personnel in Venezuela’s public health system, which was once considered as an example in Latin America. All these experiences motivated to pursue my degree at KI, where I aim to receive the best education to hopefully one day, once democracy is restored, collaborate deeply in the rebuilding process of my country. 

New challenges…

As Digital Ambassador, I am really excited to share with you all about the HEPM program and the life as a student at KI. I hope I can give you a holistic view of all the tools that this university offers in order to prepare us for a (hopefully successful) career in the healthcare industry. Although very far away from the Caribbean beaches, the Avila mountain (the one in the picture) and 1kg avocados , I am truly excited to share all my experiences with you, so please do not hesitate to hit me with an email if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever.

Enjoy the blog!

Yours truly,


IG: @julio.sosam


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