The 6 top reasons why the Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science at KI is different

Do you want to pursue a degree in nutrition science and start to think which university you would like to apply for? Here is my 6 top reasons why the Master’s Programme in Nutrition Science at KI is the one that you may consider.

1. It is “only” a-year programme!


One year! (Image courtesy of OpenClipart-Vectors – Pixabay)

In fact, it is not exactly one year. It takes only 9 months as the class begins in September and finishes in June in the next year. You can compare it with other universities providing similar program. I would not say the statistics, but I could say that many of them implement two-year master’s programme in this area.

2. It’s not only about nutrition


You’ll learn a lot about physical activity (Image courtesy of Steve Buissinne – Pixabay)

You can’t be healthy if you just eat healthy food without doing any physical activity. I think, that’s why this programme provides more than only nutrition. In one of the courses, for example, you will learn intensively about physical activity. You will even be able to do fitness and muscle tests in KI staff gym! You can read our previous DA, Dasha’s experience in doing the tests here.

3. The programme runs so fast and effective


Start to think about the thesis project on the third week of the programme (Image courtesy of StockSnap – Pixabay)

I was quite surprised when the course leader gave us the explanation about degree thesis project on the first month of the programme. I got more surprise and excitement when I could find the supervisor and the project soon afterwards! 🙂 This did not mean that I spent my whole time studying. I was still be able to enjoy the swedish autumn with my family, and watch some movies. I also could manage the time to write this blog :p But of course, I had to push myself to use my time effectively, not wasting too much time to scroll on the social media :p

4. Internet and mobile phone technology are included in the program


You will learn about eHealth and mHealth (Image courtesy of William Iven – Pixabay)

You are not a health informatics student (lol), but interestingly you will learn about eHealth and mHealth in nutrition intervention. I think, this technology will be very useful in improving nutrition.

5. You have a big opportunity to expand your interest


Having high awareness of climate change? You will learn about food sustainability and many more in the programme (Image courtesy of Danriuz – Pixabay)

The programme gives you many opportunities to expand your interest related to nutrition. In my case, I am interested in childhood obesity. I took the opportunity to write a review article (as my course assignment) about the molecular mechanism in obesity. My degree thesis project will be about childhood obesity as well.

On the next blog, I will share with you about the academic situation and my class.

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