You got admitted to KI!

OMG, you got a place in Karolinska Institutet! Congratulations!!! When I was at your place I didn’t believe my happiness and just started giggling thinking that’s it’s Aprils fools =D Well, the reaction can differ! So, what’s next? There’s a long way between receiving the acceptance letter and starting a school year.

Check the syllabus for your programme. 

You might have checked the syllabus 100 times but there are still cases when students had different expectations for the university. Make sure you are fully prepared and won’t be overwhelmed by something unexpected, like me when I entered the course of Basic statistics =) 

Check your other applications

I’m sure you have applied to several universities. It is time to make a comparison again. Every place has it’s pros and cons. What is the ranking of the university?  Do you have to pay tuition fees? Is there a chance to get a scholarship? Is it far from the family? How much would you pay for living expenses? Don’t forget to accept your place in KI!

Ask for advice!

Discuss your decision with the family and friends – that’s where you’ll get first support after moving to Stockholm. Talk to your professor or supervisor – they might have some academic connections with KI and have heard about its research. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our ambassadors.

Get that damn good advice! Photo by Frame Harirak on Unsplash

Think about the financial aspects.

Students from non-EU countries have to pay tuition fees and proof that they can maintain themselves in Sweden to get a residence permit. It’s important to plan this procedure step by step to not to be rejected by the migration agency. For those who have applied for a scholarship, I just wish luck =D I was sending my prayers to the universe for the whole month between the day I got selected for the Master’s and the day I got a scholarship. Fingers crossed!

Read blogs! 

I didn’t read many blogs because I did an exchange in KI several years ago but life as a Master student differs from the exchange. These blogs could have helped me a lot! 

Celebrate =) 

Being admitted to Karolinska Institutet doesn’t happen very often and it’s a great moment of your life!

You’re always welcome to ask me any questions:


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