A quick blog tour at KI library in Campus Flemingsberg

KI library has always been among my favourite places! Its environment ambience helped me a lot to stay focused in studying or doing my assignments. The spacious rooms and fancy study areas kept me feel relaxed during exam time.

One thing I love about the library facility is that you can visit the library everyday (monday-sunday) from 7-22 using your KI card. Sometimes, I did go to the library in the evening or weekend to have some enlightments when I was stuck with my exams (I am not very determined, the library is just 200 meters away from my student apartment :p).

In this blog, I will share some pictures of spots at KI library which I like. Here we go!

1. The entrance

Usually people sit here when they are waiting in a queue to get help from the library or IT staff.


Cozy and colorful sofa at entrance left a good library impression for me since my first visit. What do you think? (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

2. Course books room

This is such a special room because the recommended books I used during my courses in nutrition science could be found here. Books in this room can only be borrowed for seven days (the other books at the library usually can be borrowed for 21 days). However, if nobody reserve the book, the loan is automatically renewed two days before the return date.


This room is equipped with security alarm. Don’t forget to scan your KI card and the book before you bring the loan book outside the room if you don’t want the alarm sounded :p (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

3. The computers

You don’t have to bring your own laptops when you are doing your work at KI library. There are some computers that you can use at the library. To be able to use the computer, you only need to login with your KI username and password. Although I brought my own laptop, sometimes I would prefer use the computer at the library to have a bigger screen.


I think, it is a good idea to put the computer on the standing table like this. It will prevent you from sitting too much 🙂 (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

4. Open area to study

At KI library there is a large spacious area with a lot of tables and chairs where you can study. There are not only some spots where you can study as a group, but also spots where you can do solitary learning.


Here you can study as a group. There is no specific rule, but you usually can talk with small voice in this area. (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)


This is the spot where you can study either in smaller group or by yourself. (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

5. Group rooms

As I told you in my previous blog, KI library has a lot of rooms for group work. Yet, the rooms were almost always full-booked during the normal working days. Many students, including me, enjoy to do their group works there.


This is how the group rooms look like from the outside (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)


This is the inside situation. Each room is equipped with some chairs, a table, and a white board and/ or LCD monitor (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

6. Print and scan

During my study, I actually did not need to print a lot paper in order to finish my assignments. But I am a type of person who memorize and understand something better with paper on my hand (sorry for the trees I’ve cut down).  So this machine was very useful for me.


You have to pay if you want to print out something, but scanning is for free! 🙂 To print, you need to buy print-outs digitally, then upload your files on the KI website, and log into your student account at the printer machine. (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

7.  A classic lounge

In the corner of the library, you can find a classic lounge as the picture below. In my opinion, it is not very comfortable to sit there for a long time especially when you work with your laptop. But if you just want to relax for a moment, it is quite cosy.


I found this section is instagrammable. I have ever seen a few people taking picture with their mobile phone here. (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

8. Torget

Yes, this area below is called Torget. It is a swedish word meaning “the square”. Torget is a public venue suitable for various events. Some free lunch seminars with KI speakers were held there. Anyone who was interested could join the seminars and got free healthy lunch.


Torget (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

9. Restaurant and lunch area

This is actually not the part of the library but this area is exactly beside the library. This very spacious space is usually quite crowded during lunch hour. If you bring your own meal to the campus, you can store your meal in the refrigirator in this place and warm your meal in the microwave when you will eat it. If you did not bring any meal, you can buy food at the restaurant with student price (in this photo below, the restaurant was closed since I took the picture at weekend).


Not only lunch, you can also spend your fika time here by sipping a cup of coffee or tea. (Image courtesy of Resthie Putri)

I hope you start to feel the study environment at KI after reading (and seeing) this blog!

Have any comment, question, or suggestion? Contact me at email (resthie.putri@stud.ki.se) or LinkedIn (Resthie Rachmanta Putri).



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