Top swimming spots in Stockholm

Stockholm as an experience varies a lot depending on the weather. Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year because you finally have the weather to go out for a swim. Since the city is composed by 14 islands, you can imagine how many different places there are for having a great time swimming. The water in the archipelago is really clean and as long as is hot outside and you jump straight into it, you will not find it very cold. Here are some of my favorite places to go out for a swim:


This beach is really close to the city, but at the same time you feel like escaping the chaos because it is located in Langholmen, an island with very few buildings and a lot of nature. My favorite aspect about this place is that you can see the city and Stadhuset in front of you while in the water. You can complement your swimming afternoon with a nice meal at one of the restaurants or a walk in Langholmen.

  • Time to get there from T Centralen: 16min metro/15min bike
  • Closest metro station: Hornstull (Red Line)

Fredhäll Cliffs

As you can perceive by the name, this place is not a beach but literally cliffs. It was quite shocking for me to see how Swedes transformed a bunch of rocks into an amazing sunbathing and swimming spot. The best thing about Fredhäll is the stunning view. Also, since it is located facing west you can enjoy the sunlight until sunset, which makes this an ideal spot for late plans. Swedes really enjoy grabbing some food to-go and have dinner at the cliffs.

  • Time to get there from T Centralen: 16min
  • Closest metro station: Kristineberg (Green Line)

Hornsbergs strand

This swimming spot is very popular as it is located on a great neighborhood. It has some decks for people to sit and jump into the water as well as a BBQ zone and drinking water fountains. It is very close to KI, which makes it a perfect spot for meeting after class. Another plus is that there are many restaurants nearby.

  • Time to get there from T Centralen: 11min metro/ 12min bike
  • Closest metro station: Stadshagen (Blue Line)

Hagaparken and Brunnsviksbadet

Also called just Haga, this park is perfect for a long walk and connect with nature. Haga has one deck that is great for jumping into the water (in front of Konditori Vasaslätten café), but if you want a sandy beach then I recommend you to go to Brunnsviksbadet, just at the other side of the lake. Haga is really close to KI campus Solna, which makes it a classic location for meeting after class (when the weather is nice, of course).

To Haga:

  • Time to get there from T Centralen: 23min with public transportation/ 19min bike
  • Closest metro station: Solna Station (Blue Line)

To Brunnsviksbadet

  • Time to get there from T Centralen: 17min with public transportation/ 16min bike
  • Closest metro station: Universitet (Red Line)


This park is located in the Nacka district, just a few minutes away from the city center. Hellasgarden is one of my friend’s favorites since it has the full package: great swimming spots, a beautiful landscape, sauna and restaurants. The water here is usually warmer since its a closed lake. There are also kayak rentals and plenty of activities happening at this location every weekend!

  • Time to get there from T Centralen: 25-30 min using public transport
  • Closest metro station: Slussen (Red and Green Lines), but please take note that you need to take a bus to get there


Also located in Kungsholmen, this sandy beach is one of the most popular for sunbathing. It has a large lawn for people to enjoy the sun and also some little restaurants around the area. One of the best features is that it’s really well located.

  • Time to get there from T Centralen: 16min with public transportation/ 10min bike
  • Closest metro station: Fridhemsplan (Blue and Green Lines)

Hope you enjoy each place. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Yours truly,

Julio Sosa.


Instagram: @julio.sosam


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