Some small things that have surprised me in Sweden (part 2/?)

Hej guys,

I am back again with more observations about interesting (at least to me) things that are different/unique in Sweden.

1. Banana pizza is a thing here

You read that right. In Sweden, banana is considered a topping for pizzas. If you already thought Hawaiian pizza was a bit odd, maybe this will be even more surprising. But yes, banana with curry powder pizza is probably the most common of these types of pizzas. I have tried them and I personally didn’t like them very much. But maybe some of you will!

You can see a picture of some of them on the header of this blog.

2. Påskmust/Julmust

Now that Easter is almost here, I can see in the grocery stores a soda called Påskmust. I think it is very similar to Julmust (a Christmas soda), as the ingredients are the same. I still have some Julmust bottles from Christmas time, so I am just going to keep drinking them and just say I am drinking Påskmust.

A bottle of Julmust!

3. No garbage disposal units

I actually don’t know how common these are in Europe in general, but they are very common in the US. I am not sure why they are not popular here, as I haven’t seen one yet, but I think it might be because Sweden is very big on recycling. Organic waste recycling is a better option for the environment, and maybe having garbage disposal units makes people not recycle as much food as they could.

I kind of miss them but nonetheless, it is not a huge problem not having them. It just makes you be a bit more aware of what you are putting in the sink, as it might get clogged more easily.

Next month, I will write part 3!

Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

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