Some small things that have surprised me in Sweden (part 6/?)

This is a continuation of my on-going series where I just mention some of the many things that I think makes Sweden unique!

Sparkling Water

Before spending 2021 in Sweden, I would rarely drink sparkling water. Usually only as a mistake when ordering food or grabbing a water bottle. However, most of the water bottles you will see here are sparkling water! I believe this is because tap water is so clean here, that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy still water.

Now, I love sparkling water, and sometimes I prefer it to regular water. Past me would be very surprised!

I might have a slight obsession now


Doors here in Sweden can be a bit interesting! Certain doors have a lock that you need to open while at the same time, turning the handle. Meaning that you might need both hands to open a door. This makes it very difficult when you are carrying something.

Locking doors can also be different. You might need to pull the handle up for locking, instead of turning a separate lock. Although these locks are also widely available.

And to open a door, you usually have to pull as doors open outwards. I have heard many theories as to why this is so; from safety to preventing snow getting into your house!

Receiving packages

Getting a package is usually very exciting! But it is a bit more so if you get it home delivered. This is not always the case in Sweden. Sometimes when you buy online, your package will actually be delivered to a close by pick-up center. For instance, a Postnord office nearby or a store that serves as delivery agency. However, some other times, you are given the option to get your stuff delivered to your place at certain times through companies like Best or Bring.

Taking a small walk to get a package is usually not a big deal and might actually be nice if the weather is not too bad. But when it is raining, and the package is heavy, it can be a struggle. So not going to lie, I pick home delivery whenever I can!

Will soon be back with more small interesting things about Sweden! 🙂

Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

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