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Health economics policy and management: my master’s reflections at KI – Part 1

Embarking on my academic journey at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden was like stepping into a whole new world. And I would like to share my reflections on health economics policy and management master’s at KI with you.

Forget the stressful scenes of teachers breathing down your neck or the ABC…F grading chaos.

Here, it’s a different ball game – no academic gladiators battling for grades, no teacher-student standoffs. Learning is a personal journey, and collaboration trumps competition. So, if you think studying in Sweden is a headache, let me tell you, it’s not just a breeze; it’s a whole lot of fun!

Moreover, learning Health Economics Policy and Management makes it more interesting! Welcome to the world of relaxed learning and academic camaraderie!

Ever wondered what it’s like when students play a role in shaping their course structure? Buckle up – it’s not just a curriculum; it’s our shared adventure!

Our academic journey unfolds over four terms, each offering 30 credits. In our first term, we embarked on the Introduction course and delved into the complexities of Health Economics – Financing Health and Medical Care.

Every step felt like uncharted territory, a fusion of novelty and learning.

What sets the HEPM program apart is the unique collaborative dynamic. Picture this: we not only learn the material but actively take part in shaping our academic destiny. Throughout the term, we engaged in candid discussions with our professors (yes, in Sweden, we call them by their first names!) – a refreshing departure from the traditional student-teacher dynamics. The excitement didn’t end there; we had the chance to contribute our insights into the course structure. This collaborative effort isn’t just about us; it’s about creating an optimal learning experience for the next wave of students.

Screenshot of Canvas dashboard showing the Introduction Course.
Navigating through the academic journey with the courses on Canvas – Introduction Course 📚✨
Screenshot of Canvas dashboard showing the Health Economics-Financing Health and Medical Care.
Navigating through the academic journey with the second course on Canvas – Health Economics and Health care Financing📚✨

This shared responsibility and conscious engagement make the course structure exceptionally student-friendly and interactive. It’s not just a curriculum; it’s our collective narrative.

The power of group work at KI – piecing together our academic puzzle!

In the realm of collaborative learning, group work is not just a chapter; it’s the entire narrative.

Unlike the conventional teaching approach in Ethiopia, the Swedish model invites us to take the driver’s seat, with professors acting as the navigators – supplying directions like keystrokes to start a car. And guess who makes up the engine and other vital parts of this educational vehicle?

We do – the students.

Group work unfolds as a collective symphony where diverse backgrounds harmonize. Just as a car might meet a faulty part, navigating through diverse academic and professional journeys can pose challenges. Yet, it’s precisely within these challenges that the magic of group dynamics occurs. As I adapt to this collaborative landscape, I’m discovering the richness that comes with acknowledging that I don’t have all the answers.

Candid group photo of students collaborating on a project at KI campus.
Embracing the collaborative spirit at KI! 🤝 Working together, learning together, and creating memories on campus. 📸 #KIStudentLife #Teamwork #CampusCollaboration

My group mates, each a unique instrument in this symphony, are shaping me into a more nuanced and capable individual.

Whiteboard filled with cost breakdown calculations and annotations.
Crunching numbers at KI! 🧮 working on cost breakdowns on our assignment. 💡 Photo Credit: Yohannes #KIStudentLife #CostAnalysis #AcademicExploration

If you ask me, I’m not just progressing through my program; I’m evolving alongside my incredible group mates and classmates. It’s a journey of mutual growth, and I’m relishing every step.

Presentations jitters and the KI experience of mastering the art of presenting

Presentations at KI might initially stir up anxiety, especially for non-native English speakers like me adjusting to an unfamiliar environment.

But here’s the heartening truth – you’re not alone.

KI boasts a diverse community with students from around the globe, each tackling presentations in their own unique way. The support from classmates and teachers is invaluable, and KI offers structured workshops like “Speaking English with Confidence” and “Giving Oral Presentations.”

The learning curve is real, but so is the support system that helps you enjoy every step of it.

Just like group activities, presentations are a frequent part of the academic activities at KI. From group projects to quizzes, be ready to take the stage and engage in hot discussions with your well-prepared peers armed with diverse literature.

Student presenting in front of classmates,
Sharing what we prepared with our peers during a class presentation. 🗣️ Photo credit: John📸 #PresentationSkills #KIStudentLife #ClassroomMoments
Student presenting in front of classmates,
another group work presentation. 🗣️ Photo credit: John📸 #PresentationSkills #KIStudentLife #ClassroomMoments

In our first course, we experienced a Town Hall Mock Meeting where groups played the roles of policymakers and stakeholders. These presentations mimic real-life scenarios, offering a glimpse into the complexity of health policymaking. It’s not just a task; it’s a skill honed for the challenges of our future careers in the intricate field of healthcare. Get ready for more of these enriching experiences!

As we wrap up this journey into the Swedish way of learning, the adventure is far from over. In Part 2, we’ll see the grading system, unravel the art of communication, and explore the personalized approach to studying in Sweden. And finally, we’ll go beyond the books and uncover the fun side of it all. Check out Joseba’s vlog – A Day in the Life of a Karolinska Institutet Student and Yagmur’s Swedish education system 101 to satisfy your curiosity before the next chapter.

Yohannes - Health Economics Policy and Management

Yohannes - Health Economics Policy and Management

Hi there! My name is Yohannes, and I come from Ethiopia, the Cradle of Humanity. I've always been curious and ambitious, and my journey to Karolinska Institutet is a testament to that. I studied medicine and developed a deep fascination with the intersection of healthcare, economics, policy-making, and management. This passion led me to KI. I look forward to learning more about healthcare economics and becoming a part of the vibrant international community at KI. In my free time, I enjoy writing and drawing, always exploring and trying new things.


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