Photograph by Jeppe Wikström capturing a boat on Stockholm's waters with the city's iconic buildings in the background, part of the SUNNAN Stockholm Discovery.

An unplanned discovery in Stockholm’s waters on SUNNAN

Hello, fellow adventurers! Today’s tale is one of unexpected exploration, a journey through Stockholm’s waters SUNNAN discovery, that revealed the city’s hidden gems and the remarkable efficiency of its public transport system.

Imagine a day that begins with a simple plan but quickly unfolds into an adventure, showcasing Stockholm’s beauty, safety, and student-friendly atmosphere.

Join me as I recount an unplanned day of discovery, where each turn brought new sights and experiences, and every moment was a lesson in embracing the unexpected.

Three amigos, one city hall, and a quest for Stockholm’s secrets

On a bright, sunny morning in Stockholm, my friends and I set off on our usual spontaneous adventure around the city.

Our first stop was the City Hall, an iconic symbol of Sweden’s rich history and the famous venue for the Nobel Prize banquet. We explored its impressive surroundings, drawn in by the building’s stunning architecture and the lively vibe of the city that echoed around us.

My photo of Stockholm City Hall from the outside, with a stretch of water in between, reflecting the 'Stockholm Waters SUNNAN Discovery' theme.
City Hall Majestic View: Stockholm’s Architectural Marvel by the Waters. Photo Credit: Yohannes

We explored going through the expansive grounds of the building, taking in the stunning scenery by the water’s edge.

Scenic view of Stockholm's waters near the City Hall, hinting at the SUNNAN Discovery journey. photographed by the author.
The stunning view from City Hall: where architecture meets the tranquility of water. Photo Credit: Yohannes

The serene views were a perfect backdrop to our exploration.

Eventually, as the morning unfolded, it felt like the right moment to pause and enjoy a coffee, breathing in this beautiful city.

The coffee shop and the boat discovery

Seeking a moment’s rest, we found ourselves in a cozy coffee shop nearby. As we sipped our coffees, our eyes were drawn to a boat with the distinctive SL logo, gently bobbing at the dock.

Selfie of me and two friends enjoying coffee before boarding SUNNAN for our Stockholm Waters adventure.
Pre-SUNNAN coffee break. Fuelling up for our Stockholm waters discovery. Photo credit: Yohannes

It sparked a spontaneous idea – why not explore Stockholm from its waters?

Without much deliberation, we left our coffee cups half empty and embarked on this unexpected voyage.

Oops, where’s SUNNAN going?

We hopped onto SUNNAN, and as it sliced through the water, a whole new perspective of Stockholm unfolded before us.

Selfie by Hector of our group on the SUNNAN boat, part of our Stockholm Waters adventure.
Onboard Memories. Photo credit: Hector

We saw Stockholm in a new way, with its beautiful islands all around us. Our hearts beat with excitement, but also a bit worrying when the boat didn’t stop announcing its destination or turn around – where exactly was this boat journey leading us?

My photo of a high bridge over Stockholm's waters, part of our SUNNAN Discovery journey
Bridging the Journey with high above Stockholm’s waters. Photo credit: Yohannes

“Are we coming back the same way?” my friend asked, looking a bit scared.

The response from the attendant, a laugh followed by the news that there was no return trip on this route, took us by surprise. Before we knew it, we found ourselves at Ekerö, a good 20km away from the heart of Stockholm.

Screenshot from SL displaying our route ending at Ekerö.
Mapping our journey and final point at Ekerö. Photo: Screenshot from SL

Finding our way back

Our adventure had taken an unexpected turn. Standing at a remote station, far from the familiar vibrancy of central Stockholm, we experienced a cocktail of emotions. We stepped off the boat and with the help of a map and a shared sense of adventure, we located a bus station less than a kilometre away.

Photo I took of my two friends stepping off the SUNNAN boat at a station near Ekerö during our Stockholm Waters adventure.
Disembarking at Ekerö. Photo credit: Yohannes
Photo by John of me standing outside the SUNNAN boat, with the boat and water in the background, during our Stockholm Waters adventure.
A Moment by the Waters. Photo credit: John

The journey was thrilling but we couldn’t help wondering – would we make it back in time?

Bus ride surprise through nature’s show and a royal peek

The bus ride turned out to be another scenic moment, each turn unveiling the beautiful lush of greenery and serene landscapes of Stockholm.

We passed by the Drottningholm Palace, the majestic residence of the Swedish royal family, awestruck by its elegance. And then, sooner than we expected, we were back among the places in Stockholm we knew well.

How had we ventured so far, or thought, on the boat and yet returned so swiftly?

Embracing the unpredictable

As we stepped off the bus, laughter filled the air. We had embarked on a simple city tour and ended up on an impromptu odyssey. It was a vivid reminder of the efficiency and safety of Stockholm’s public transport – a lifeline for students and explorers alike.

This day, with its unexpected twists and turns, left us with a profound appreciation for the city and the adventures it holds.

In the end, it’s the unplanned journeys that often lead to the most memorable stories. Finally, make sure to check out Emily’s travel to Copenhagen.

Yohannes - Health Economics Policy and Management

Yohannes - Health Economics Policy and Management

Hi there! My name is Yohannes, and I come from Ethiopia, the Cradle of Humanity. I've always been curious and ambitious, and my journey to Karolinska Institutet is a testament to that. I studied medicine and developed a deep fascination with the intersection of healthcare, economics, policy-making, and management. This passion led me to KI. I look forward to learning more about healthcare economics and becoming a part of the vibrant international community at KI. In my free time, I enjoy writing and drawing, always exploring and trying new things.


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