Wonder what MSc Biomeds do in their free time?

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Ever wondered about what the master’s biomedicine students do in their free time? Well, today’s blog post is all about my class. Not only we come from different countries, but we also studied different fields such as biomedicine, biotechnology, immunology, molecular medicine, biology and so on. There are people from China, Taiwan, U.K., Canada, Spain, India, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Austria, Netherlands, Lithuania, Bolivia, Greece, South Korea, Switzerland, Jordan and of course Sweden. I know it’s a long list of countries, but it is super cool to be in a multicultural environment. You get to learn new things about everyone’s background. Without further ado, I will show you some of the activities that we’ve been doing outside of school without letting the cold weather bother us! 😛



International Dinner

One of my classmates kindly hosted an international dinner at her place. Everyone brought their own traditional food, and I must say it was one of the best dinners I have had. I am looking forward to our next one in December.

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KTH Concert

KTH annually hosts a free outdoor concert where thousands of people gather at their campus. We sat on the grass and enjoyed each others company while listening to the orchestra. The fireworks was the highlight of this event, and it was worth the wait for the final show.



Even though I spent half of my life in Sweden, it was my first time trying this fermented fish. We took a trip to the forest, but ended up not opening the can underwater like we’re supposed to do (very smart I know 😛 ). It surely smelled horrible, but the taste was not as bad as I expected. Although I put lots of sour cream, onions, and potatoes to hide the weird taste, I don’t think I will repeat this experience again.



Basketball Game

This game was one of my favourite spontaneous moments at KI. My classmates were competing against another university. The funniest part of the story was when my friends joined the opponent because they did not have enough players which lead the opponent team in winning against KI. We all later played basketball and had an incredible time.



We decided to visit Södermalm to try out a cafe that was recommended by my friend, but then we found out it was closed. As a result, we chose to go to another one in the same area which is known for serving the best waffles in town! 😀



Rock Climbing

Some of us enjoy a little bit of adventure, and you’ll probably find us going to a rock climbing centre after classes. Surprisingly, when I started going there, my fear of heights started to disappear. These centres have good student offers.


Diwali Party

After finishing our first exam, my Indian classmates arranged an awesome Diwali party. It was my first time experiencing the Hindu culture, and they taught us different dance moves.


Ice skating

You know that winter has started when the ice skating rink opens at Kungsträdgården. You will end up with frozen feet after skating, but it’s worth a try!



Labing all Day

Finally but importantly, Biomeds tend to have very long lab days during the programme. Some experiments work and some don’t. At the end of the day, we all try to have fun while pipetting our solutions into our good old falcon tubes (even when it’s dark outside). 😛



Hope I gave you an insight about us and all the fun activities you can do in Stockholm.

See you until the next blog..bye! 😀


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