7 things that may convince you to accept your study place at KI

You got your selection result and KI had decided to offer you a place. What are you going to do? Now, it is your turn to decide whether you would accept your study place!

Making up my mind to accept the study place  at KI a year ago was a decision that I would never regret in my life. Now I’ll share 7 things that may convince you to accept your study place at KI.

1. The teachers are worldwide recognized persons in the science area

Before I studied at KI, I spent a lot of time in reading journals for my job. At that time, it never came across my mind that I could get connected with those authors in the journals I’ve read. But apparently I had the opportunity to meet and to be taught by them, those who are worldwide recognized persons in the science area. Cool, isn’t it?

2. Best study/work-life balance

Sweden is very famous for its work-life balance. It is also applied when you are studying in Sweden. In most programmes, the class usually starts earliest at 9 am and finish at/before 4 pm. Yet, you will barely experience sitting for the whole day in the classroom. You will also have time for enjoying nature, doing some sports, or just taking a walk in the city when you are studying at KI.

3. (Almost) everything is lagom

Lagom is a popular Swedish word. Lagom means “not too little, not too much”. You can find this lagom during the study. The pace, the level of difficulties, the exam are lagom. It doesn’t mean that the courses are too easy. They are challenging though (in a good way, of course). But if I compare the study climate at KI to what I had experienced previously in my home country, the study climate here is very relaxing.

In Asian culture, students usually need to have kiasu behaviour in order to be successful – one should be seen being diligent and smart, study longer than the other students, read more that he/ she should, and try to achieve the highest grade. There was no such culture at KI, from what I’ve experienced. I studied according to the study guide and that’s enough. For some assignments, the grade was only “PASSED” or “FAILED” (how could one try to achieve the highest grade with this kind of grade system? lol)

4. Mental health is highly appreciated

Moving to other country with a new culture, new friends, new language could be very overwhelming. Any students facing mental health problem can visit the student health center or discuss the problem with the programme study counselor. Based on some friends’ testimonies, the student health center and study counselor really appreciated when students opened up about their problems. The study counselor and programme director were also very supportive and helpful during the difficult time.

5. You can learn new language for free

It is true that most people in Stockholm are able to speak english. But if you will live in Sweden for at least 1-2 years, wouldn’t it be more fun if you can speak a little Swedish? Fortunately, here you can start learn Swedish from zero for free by joining SFI (svenska för invandrare/ Swedish for immigrant) class.  Not interested in Swedish? You can also learn a few other languages during your study at KI.

6. You can both work and study at a same time with your student permit

The permit to stay in Sweden as international student allows you to find a job. So, you can do part-time job when you are studying at KI. Please note that it is not that easy to find a part-time job, especially for non-Swedish speaking students. However,  a part-time job could be a good opportunity for students who want to earn some money during their studies. But remember to prioritize your study 🙂 You can read DA Winner’s experience of working in Stockholm while studying at KI.

7. Opportunity to find a job in Sweden after graduation

For those who intend to find a job and stay in Sweden after graduation, you can stay in Sweden for another 1 year by submitting the application of extending residence permit to Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket). The migration agency has a few requirements needed to be fulfilled by the applicant. Read the requirements carefully and submit all documents needed in one time in order to make the process faster and smoother.

Have I successfully convinced you to take your place at KI? :p I hope, this post enlightens you!

Have any comment, question, or suggestion? Contact me at email (resthie.putri@stud.ki.se) or LinkedIn (Resthie Rachmanta Putri).


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