Online class and vlogging from distance

Hej! My name is Bobby Simarmata. I come from Indonesia (where most of you have known the Bali island). I am a medical doctor and soon to be a health economist. Why a doctor bother to be a health-economist? That started from my experiences while working in clinical settings at the hospital (4 years) and public health area (2 years). Both fields have opened up my perspective toward the health care system, which I found very complicated. I choose Karolinska Institutet to be my next journey pondering the knowledge and skill needed to understand them better. So, here I am studying at Health Economics, Policy, and Management program.

Photos: Used with permission from the class

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the program conducted an extraordinary class (online class). Even though we are not meeting in the usual term, my colleagues and I enjoy our studies. We have incredible teachers in the program who support our learning progress. When you are at KI, you will know that we have many group assignments. And this year is unique as we students across the globe gather in zoom completing our work. That’s challenging yet rewarding!

Our second semester will be held on-campus, and I can’t wait to meet all my friends in the HEPM class. And of course, I’m excited to vlog around campus and Stockholm city as a Digital Ambassador at our student blog YouTube channel. For now, I will vlogging with “physical distancing”. Until then, see you guys in Stockholm this December 2020.


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