Application process – my experience

Last year, I was here reading KI student blog and preparing the application documents for the public health program. After one year, I am here again and writing the blog for those who are applying to KI! I am happy to share my personal experience how I prepared for the application last year.

Until I decided to study master

After I finished my bachelor degree, I worked as a nurse in Tokyo. Performing my duties have improved comprehensive knowledge about Hematological and Gastroenterological diseases, their treatment and skills about individualized nursing care. I loved my job at the hospital. However, it hurt to see that many cases were found as advanced cancers when patients reached to the hospital. (Yes, cancer screening rates in Japan are pretty low.) This feeling motivated me to study Public Health.


A selfie with colleagues

Reasons why I applied to Karolinska Institutet

I applied as many programs as I can but these are the reasons why I have applied to KI.

  • It has high quality of researches and education
  • The program has 2 tracks (Epidemiology and Health Promotion and Prevention) and both programs looked interesting
  • Sweden was my dream country to live in
  • The program is 2 years period (I though 1 year program would be too busy)
  • English requirements were lower than English-speaking countries

Time schedule

Here is my time schedule for the application. But please keep it in you mind that this is just an example because everyone has different background and requirements for the application process 🙂 

September: Studied English for IELTS!

I checked the English requirements for the program and started studying for the IELTS test. 

October: Collected  transcripts and diplomas

I requested my previous university to send me transcripts and certificates. If you need to submit these documents I recommend you to request the papers ASAP because it might take some time to get them. You don’t want to rush at the last minutes. 

November: Drafted of CV and motivational letters

This step was the most difficult but interesting part for me! Looking back on my education  and career  enabled me  to reconfirm the significance of applying for this program.  

December: Applied!

Took a deep breath and clicked the button “Submit”!

Good luck for every each one of you those who are applying to KI and we hope see you next year!

You can meet the requirements from Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences and Admissions.

Sakura Sakakibara - Public Health (Epidemiology)

Sakura Sakakibara - Public Health (Epidemiology)

Hej! I am Sakura, a nurse as well as a public health nurse from Japan. I am a master student of Public Health Epidemiology and also a new blogger at KI. I love watching formula races and hiking. I look forward to sharing my experience with you here!


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