Christmas Around the Glob(al Master’s)

Considering that I was one of the few people who stayed in Stockholm over the holidays, I asked my friends who had traveled back to their home countries to share a piece of their celebrations with me. The following images are the resulting “scrapbook” of moments I have gathered from the people in our Master’s family. I hope you enjoy learning about these Christmas traditions from around the world!


Daníel sent me these lovely pictures of Christmas at his house. He even had a Christmas dog! <3


Ajda shared a picture of her family’s Christmas dinner table. It shows a Slovenian traditional holiday meal. Her brother was so eager to eat the food that his hands made a little photobombing appearance!


Krzysztof mentioned that Borscht with some dumplings is a very traditional Polish meal, as is fish (carp!) with vegetables (on the second picture); it’s called “Greek” fish even though it has nothing to do with Greece haha.


Marcos sent me a picture of typical Portuguese desserts from his Christmas Eve dinner. Everything looks delish!


Giulia – “What can an Italian do at Christmas? Eat good food with good wine. Usually grandma prepares “gnocchi” but this year we’ll celebrate Christmas just the 4 of us and we tried to make them ourselves”


Ugne sent me these beautiful pictures of Christmas in her family home. The gingerbread house is seriously impressive <3!


Anne and her family had a little Christmas concert at home. She played the flute and the family sang Christmas songs!


Adelinn shared two pictures of some typical Swedish Christmas food! The first one is gravad lax-salted salmon that is eaten with mustard and dill sauce, and also some herring of course. The second is knäck, a super hard caramel candy with almonds 🙂


Meanwhile, I had a Swedish Christmas dinner at a restaurant in Gamla Stan with three other friends who were spending Christmas alone in Stockholm. I was surprised to learn that reindeer meat was not as vile as it sounds, even if I did feel bad to be eating Rudolph on Christmas. Oh well, I had to try it at least once!

Thank you for making it to the end of our journey around the world through delicious Christmas meals one after another! I would like to give a special shoutout to all my peers who submitted photos for this blog, I really appreciate your help! Enjoy the holidays, everyone!

Francisca Leonardo - Molecular Techniques and Life Sciences

Francisca Leonardo - Molecular Techniques and Life Sciences

Hej! My name is Francisca. I come from the faraway land of the supreme maple syrup, aka Canada. I’m the blogger for the Master’s Programme in Molecular Techniques in Life Science at Karolinska Institutet. I love to write about my experience as a student in my programme, a newcomer to Stockholm, and a rookie at life in general. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, making music, sketching the city’s landscapes, and reading about anything and everything that interests me.


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