Some small things that have surprised me in Sweden (part 5/?)


It is (technically) still summer in Sweden, which for the most part means long days, swimming in lakes, and holidays. However, I went back home for the summer break! This means I missed some of the best months of Swedish weather, which is a bit sad. On the other hand, I talked a lot about life in Sweden with people in Peru. This inspired me to write this blog.

Wild berry picking

Sweden’s nature is simply amazing. Vast and beautiful, forests offer people here the opportunity to pick wild berries. This usually happens in the summer and early autumn months. You can go and pick the very popular blåbär (blueberries), lingon (lingonberry), smultron (wild strawberries), and hjortron (cloudberry). This last one is very good and I definitely recommend trying it! (However, I have heard that if someone offers you to some wild Hjortron, maybe you shouldn’t ask where they picked them, as they might want to keep the location a secret!)

I think it is very interesting because in other countries, maybe one wouldn’t think of going to the countryside and pick berries, as there might be the risk of trespassing private property. However, one might go to a specific farm for apple or pumpkin picking. But in Sweden there is the right of public access, which makes this activity easier. (But of course, there are exceptions, you always have to be respectful and not disturb nor destroy)  

Fun summer activity 😀


This is a popular warm winter drink in the Nordic countries, often drank during Christmas time. It can be made by mixing orange peels and spices (such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves) with wine, and then you can also add raising and nuts. A non-alcoholic version can be made with svarta vinbär (blackcurrant) juice (another berry you can pick!). The taste can be a bit strong but it definitely warms you up.

As it is winter in South America, I brought a bag of dried Glogg spices so my family and I could make some Glogg and they could enjoy this drink as well 🙂


I don’t own a television as most of the media I consume is online, so I really only need a computer and a phone to access it. Yet, I thought this could make watching some programming difficult as they are mainly shown on live tv, and usually on pay channels. However, SVT (Sveriges Television), the national public television broadcaster, has a website/app that you can access for free. This has allowed me to watch the Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) Christmas special, Melodifestivalen (the contest where Sweden chooses the song and artist that will represent the country for Eurovsision), Eurovision and some of the Euro2020 matches!

SVT play
Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

Hi everybody! My name is Alessandra, but I usually go by my nickname, Kyomi. My role in the digital ambassador team is being the new Biomedicine (MSc) blogger. I was born and raised in Peru, but I moved to the United States for my undergraduate studies. After graduation, I worked for 2 years in a neuroscience lab. Now, I have moved to Sweden to be a student at Karolinska Institutet!


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