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The process and theme of Epi thesis

Hej! We just finished the mid-term thesis presentation and I think it is time to talk about thesis project for Epi students. I will share the timeline and important milestones of the thesis project and show some thesis topic examples in this blog.


Sakura Sakakibara

The official start of the master’s thesis is in January, but preparation should begin before then. In April of the previous year, the program director holds a thesis seminar to provide a general overview of thesis. In May, second year students have their examination seminar and you are encouraged to attend and listen to presentations on your areas of interest. Also in May, there is a meeting with second year students where you have the opportunity to ask questions about thesis topics and how to find supervisors and research groups, etc.

Project plan is presented in January, so it would be good to decide your topic and supervisor by around November. I recommend you to start looking for them during summer break, as you might be busy once classes started in autumn. You carry on your project from December to May and prepare presentation for the mid-term and the examination seminar.

Thesis topic examples

Since our program covers a wide range of epidemiological research areas, our thesis topics are also broad. The topic differ depending on whether you are interested in systematic review, association study which requres statistical analysis, or methodology. However, sometimes your topic will not be adopted as a master’s thesis topic, so you may want to ask the program director once you have a topic in mind.

  • Predictors and prevalence of modern contraceptive use among women (13-49) before and after mandatory covid-19 restrictions in Uganda
  • Metabolic profile and the risk of developing common psychiatric disorders: Experience from the AMORIS cohort
  • The Relationship between Metabolic Syndrome and markers of brain pathology
  • Genetic overlap of autoimmunity in sarcoidosis
  • The relationship between factors associated with cognitive reserve and cognitive function
  • Neonatal jaundice and autism spectrum disorders
  • Psychosocial Determinants of Incident Severe Pneumonia in Older Adults: Findings from a Swedish Population-based Study
  • Eligibility for Vericiguat in real-world heart failure patients: data from the Swedish Heart
  • The completeness of the Swedish National Patient Register in terms of cancer diagnoses
  • Risk of pneumonias in asthmatic Swedish children using inhaled corticosteroids
  • Antipsychotic Treatment Patterns in Young Refugees and Their Majority Peers with Psychotic Disorders – A Swedish Cohort Study
  • Frailty trends and the associated mortality by sociodemographic factors in the Swedish old aged population between 1990-2020
  • The Association between Medications and Road Traffic Crashes amongst Older
  • Algorithms to predict helminth infections in patients with eosinophilia
  • Difference in risk of labor market marginalization (LMM) among refugees, immigrants, and native Swedes in different time periods
  • Impact of missing data on exposure-response inferences: simulation studies of observational studies
  • Perceived pregnancy risk due to COVID-19 related lockdowns on access to family planning services, sexual and gender-based violence by young people aged 13-24 years in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Association between interpregnancy interval and postpartum psychiatric disorders


Thank you for reading this blog! I hope this helped you to know more about process and theme of master thesis for Epi students. If you have any questions, feel free to email me 😉 Arigato.


Sakura Sakakibara - Public Health (Epidemiology)

Sakura Sakakibara - Public Health (Epidemiology)

Hej! I am Sakura, a nurse as well as a public health nurse from Japan. I am a master student of Public Health Epidemiology and also a new blogger at KI. I love watching formula races and hiking. I look forward to sharing my experience with you here!


James Kormisah

James Kormisah

Thank you for the enlightenment on Epidemiology thesis. my question is not really about thesis though, maybe you can help out. I studied Agricultural Technology (biotechnology major), as part of my studies I did microbiology and epidemiology research will I be eligible for the program? thank you.

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