Make the most of your spare time as a health informatics student

Navigating the life of a Karolinska Institutet student involves balancing academics, fitness, and a vibrant social life. While excelling academically is crucial, it’s equally vital to tap into the plethora of opportunities the university offers for professional growth and networking within Sweden’s dynamic health informatics sector. Let’s dive into a strategic approach to elevate your profile and expand your network using the resources provided by Karolinska Institutet.

Landing a research assistant/student assistant job

Karolinska Institutet stands tall in life sciences and medicine. If you’re keen on delving into research early on, consider gaining hands-on experience. Explore websites of research teams like the Behavioral Informatics team and MINT team under the Health Informatics Centre. Check out their latest research topics and drop a friendly email expressing interest in potential roles as a student or research assistant. Remember, taking that step might open unexpected doors.

Lectures might seem routine, but each one could hold a gem. If you stumble upon an inspiring topic, seize the chance! Approach the lecturer or guest speaker afterward. Engage in a meaningful conversation, exchange contacts or connect via LinkedIn. These connections often lead to unexpected and exciting opportunities.

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Don’t Miss Networking Events

Crafting connections with industry professionals is key to launching a thriving career. Karolinska Institutet organizes impactful networking events like the Career in Health and Science Exposition (CHaSE). It’s a treasure trove filled with talks, workshops, and booths from various institutes and companies. Worried about the job market post-graduation? Join CHaSE, mingle with company representatives, and explore potential future roles. It’s a goldmine for learning about the skills companies are seeking, giving you a competitive edge in the job hunt.

Moreover, our master’s alumni team curates a spectrum of activities, including alumni presentations and networking sessions. These events expose you to diverse career paths and offer invaluable advice through alumni success stories. Plus, they’re fantastic opportunities to forge connections with peers and alumni.

Engage in Student Functions

Student committees like CHaSE and the alumni team organize numerous networking events. Joining these committees isn’t just about fun; it’s an opportunity to sharpen project management, communication, and collaboration skills—qualities highly valued by potential employers. Interacting with students from different programs could lead to lifelong friendships and potential collaborations. Have you considered being a digital ambassador? This role lets you share your passion for Karolinska Institutet with prospective students. Being a part of this vibrant group means regular meetups and gatherings, perfect for connecting with like-minded ambassadors.

Group photo of all the digital ambassadors (Photo credits: Yohannes Mengistu Balcha)

To wrap up, juggling academics, fitness, and a social life can be a balancing act. Excelling academically is just one piece of the puzzle. By seizing opportunities for research engagement, attending networking events, and actively participating in student functions, you’re ensuring a rich and impactful student journey. Embrace this holistic experience, venture beyond health informatics, and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Your time at Karolinska Institutet lays the groundwork for a fulfilling and prosperous career. Here’s to embracing the possibilities and making your student journey truly memorable!

Martin - Health Informatics

Martin - Health Informatics

I am Martin, 27, currently studying Health Informatics at Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University. I’m passionate about using data science to improve human well-being. Discovering this programme was a pivotal moment, and I've found it to be one of my best decisions. The programme is enriching my network and perspectives by hosting talks with alumni, government representatives, and startups. An interesting fact about me is that I once aspired to be a curator and artist specializing in Chinese art.




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