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Shadowing a student at KI

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Shadowing is a great way of getting a brief first-hand experience of the KI campus and classroom. It’s not something that many of us have had the privilege of doing at a national university, let alone an international one. Most people can’t afford to travel to Stockholm for a day or two, just to check out what a lecture in Global Health is like.

However, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood like some of the people that we as Digital Ambassadors have had the pleasure of hosting, then feel free to get in touch with the admissions office ( and they’ll put you in touch with one of us.

Hosting a prospective student is one of the many aspects of our job we enjoy. It gives you a different type of opportunity to gather more information for what will be a decision that means so much and is potentially life-altering. Coming to KI as an international student will mean: uprooting your family, leaving loved ones behind, giving up a salary and a potential short-term job promotion for many. It’s not a decision that’s made lightly!

What does shadowing entail?

  • Tour of the campus
  • Having lunch with the class
  • A chance to speak to current class members – you might even hit it off with someone and make new friends/connections whether or not you do end up attending KI
  • Whatever (within reason) you’ve negotiated with your KI digital ambassador

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