Enter the competition: Nordic Health Hackathon

From the assignment task into the competition idea. Do you remember when I said that the assignment can be fun? So, in that assignment we were entasked to create and propose a solution to solve a certain public health problem. Long story short, my colleagues and I are on our way in the health app designing competition. Eager to know the full story? Read on!

Don't bury your idea!

Don’t bury your idea! Keep your heads up and look for opportunities. Picture credit to skeeze. Source: www.pixabay.com.

After passing the course, two of my colleagues found this “Nordic Health Hackathon” competition, which is going to be held in Helsinki. Then, they started to form a larger team to enter the competition. I was fortunate enough to be included in the team! We submitted the idea, which is largely based on the assignment paper, and got confirmation from the organizer that the idea was accepted for the competition. Furthermore, we qualified for the reimbursement, which means free transportation and accommodation fees. Yeay!

free pass cinema

NO! Not this kind of free…. Picture credit to: creative_designer. Source: www.pixabay.com

In less than a month, in the middle of a intense period of multiple deadlines, we ought to refine the idea to raise the scalability and to ensure that we comply to the purpose of the competition. We also practiced on creating the prototypes, which suddenly we are very grateful to have the course and assignment that covered this topic. You can read my review on the course about user needs, requirements, and evaluation. Almost none of us have the computer science background, but let’s just see how far we can achieve.

keep the idea turned on

Keep the creativity turned on. Source: www.publicdomainpictures.net

So, here we are, five students from the master in health informatics programme, Samzon, Suheng, Masud, Nesa, and me, against all the odds, trying to give our best in the competition.

Ready to rumble

What is your prediction for us? I will write a whole blog about our participation in the competition later on. So, stay tuned!


Keep nurturing the curiousity. Source: www.publicdomainpictures.net

I also want to know your opinion. Do you think it’s a good idea to submit your assignment project into competition? Have you done it before? Please write your opinion and experience in the comment section below.


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