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5 ways to socialize during the pandemic

My student life at KI started in the middle of the pandemic. The teacher told us “Keep distance each other!” from the first course of the program. I would like to provide some tips to socialize with classmates/people during the pandemic.

1. Go outside activities with a small group

Feel isolated and miss your friends? Go outside and take a walk with a small group (max 3-4 people). I went cross-country skiing with my classmates. There are some tracks in Stockholm. This is one of the best activities in winter!

cross-country skiing

2. Work in student organizations

If you are passionate working for other students/programs, being a board member of a student organization gives you rich experience! I am the communication manager of the Public Health Section (PHS) and managing Facebook page and Instagram account for the organization. PHS organize different activities for Public Health students and discuss about the programs. We haven’t met in person yet for the pandemic situation but every month we have zoom meetings and interact each other. I am really enjoying working with people in/out of my program.

3. Keep in touch with people online

Do you have message apps and have contact information of your colleagues? Why not say “Hej!” to them. You don’t have to talk about some specific topics, but just chat how you are and they are.

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4. Make a small talk during breakout room discussion

Since almost all the lectures are online, there are some breakout room discussions everyday on zoom. Of course, you have to discuss the topic given by teachers in the beginning. However, if you still have time try to make small talk with people in the room. For example:

  • How was your weekend?
  • How is your assignment going?
  • Are you enjoying the weather?
  • I see nice picture on the wall behind.
  • How is your dog/cat?

I think the biggest advantage of zoom breakout room is that you have more opportunities to talk with people randomly assigned who you might have not talked much before.

Zoom breakout room

5. One-on-one meeting with a corridor mate

I know it is hard just staying in your room and meeting your friends virtually for months. However, gathering in groups may be not the best option for us right now. Instead, you can schedule one-on-one meeting or chatting with someone who share mutual living space with you in safe settings.

The most important thing is our safe and health, but you don’t have to be isolated during the pandemic. It is possible stay socialize and follow the restrictions at the same time 😉

Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to ask me any questions!


Sakura Sakakibara - Public Health (Epidemiology)

Sakura Sakakibara - Public Health (Epidemiology)

Hej! I am Sakura, a nurse as well as a public health nurse from Japan. I am a master student of Public Health Epidemiology and also a new blogger at KI. I love watching formula races and hiking. I look forward to sharing my experience with you here!


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