Students with family series – eps.1: Residence Permit application for family member

Now that i have been admitted, what is my next step? Where do I start? I plan to bring along my family during the study, how can I do that? Lots of similar question might be floating around in the minds of some of you right now. I’m not here to be your saviour, but this might help you solve one step, which is how to apply for Residence permit for you and your family. So, buckle up and keep on reading.

You can find most of the information here in the website, However, due to the massive information available, someone could get lost in the website. Knowing where to find the information you need for is the key. Now, I will share you the key.

First thing first, prepare your documents


Gather up all the documents in one place. Image by Ag Ku from Pixabay

Even before you look up in the website, you can prepare some documents beforehand. You can prepare with the “common” documents first, like your passport and each for your family members. Make sure that the passport is still valid throughout the period of your study, if it isn’t you can still manage to get the residence permit but only valid until the expiry date of your passport. The maximum length of the residence permit is 13 months, meaning that you’ll have to renew it in the next year. Don’t forget to follow the administrative process of the university, for example paying the tuition fee if requested, to get your admission notice and proof of student’s insurance coverage.

As for yourself, the application process and the required documents remain the same regardless whether you apply alone or along with your family. The additional documents should be the marriage and family certificate or similar documentation of cohabitant. Should your study is a one-year-programme, than you need to submit proof of health insurance coverage for your family. None is required if it is a two-year-programme or more.

Preparing your financial support


Be ready to support your family and yourself. Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Being an international student, you should be able to financially support you and your family during the study period. The suggested minimal amount per month is SEK 8,370 for yourself, SEK 3,500 for your spouse or for each of other adult family members, and SEK 2,100 for each of the children. You are ought to provide the bank statement to show that you have this minimal amount in your possession.

Go with the flow


Follow the flow of application steps. Image by marcelkessler from Pixabay

The online application process is generally easy to follow. You start by making an account. Make sure you run through every step, fill in every required information in the appropriate field, double check before jumping to the next step, and upload the document according to the document category. If you are unsure, you can stop for a moment and even close the online application page. Don’t worry, it will keep the information that you had filled in before so that when you login the next time, you don’t have to start all over again.

Upon reaching the end of the online application, you will be reminded to pay the application fee which the amount is determined according to the number of applicants. By paying the fee, your application then will be processed for review.

Do your best and they will do the rest

After submitting your application with all the required documents and paying the fee, then you will just wait for the invitation for biometric recording and the decision of your residence permit application. If everything goes well, you will get an e-mail notifying that your residence permit decision and cards can be retrieved at the embassy office that you have chosen in the application form. Then, you are set for entering Sweden!

Special notes

I applied the residence permit for my family alongside with my own application and we received the decision at the same time thus we were able to come to Sweden together. I have several friends that came to Sweden alone and then try to apply for the residence permit for their family member after they arrive at Sweden. This method requires longer time for them to receive the decision for their family member. On my case, the decision and including the card were available within under 2 months, while in the second method the decision took more than 4 months, some even almost one year. Although it may be caused by many factors, but personally I would suggest you to apply together with your family if possible.

We stick together!

We stick together! Picture credit to Pixel2013. Source:

For more information regarding applying RP for the family:


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What is your opinion about moving to Sweden along with your family? Will it be beneficial or burdensome for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.



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