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3 affordable ways to travel during your student life

Do you love traveling but your student budget is usually tight? Would you like to use your free time to visit other places? Do you want to experience new adventures at low cost? Well, this time my blog will provide with three specific examples on how you can travel cheap and at the same time have amazing life experiences. During this post I will also give some practical recommendations from my personal experiences traveling as KI student

1. Travel by cruise

This type of trip is by far one of the most common and popular among Swedes and Finns. This is not only because it is a very suitable transportation option between countries, but also because cruises represent an excellent option for shopping and amusement. This is because the cruise provides the travellers with varied options of tax-free shops, restaurants, bars, dancing clubs and karaoke. A typical trip from Stockholm to Turku (Finland) takes an approximate of 24 hours (fourth and back). So… Why does the trip take so long if Sweden and Finland are very close? Well, the answer is because the boat moves really slow (35-40 km/h). During this time you can enjoy with your friends or partner the views of typical Nordic nature, the different shows on board, you can dance, sing and drink cocktails.

Aline Colonnello

Traveling options and prices

There are few traveling options departing from Stockholm. These options are:

Stockholm – Turku: This trip is short and allows you to enjoy cruise activities in a round trip. The price for a 4-people room without window (yes this changes the price drastically) varies from 130 SEK (13 €) to 660 SEK (66 €) (Depending the season and availability)

Stockholm – Helsinki: This one is a longer trip in a bigger ship. It gives you the chance to enjoy cruise activities but it also allows you to visit the city for 7 hours.  The total duration is 39 hours. The price for a 4-people room without window varies from 1000 SEK (100 €) to 1300 SEK (130 €)

Stockholm – Tallin: This trip is very similar to the Helsinki one. You can hop off for 7 hours in Tallin which is Estonia’s Capital city and enjoy the picturesque views and cheap restaurants. The price for a 4-people room without window varies from 720 SEK (72 €) to 980 SEK (98 €)

Stockholm – Riga: This is the longest trip. It takes 18 hours from Stockholm to Riga (Latvia). It gives you the chance to enjoy the cruise at maximum but also to hop off for 6 hours and explore the city. The total duration of this trip is 42 hours (almost 2 days!) The price for a 4-people room without window varies from 650 SEK (65 €) to 1380 SEK (138 €)

General recommendations

  • Travel with friends. Given that single and double cabins are same price as a quadruple cabins, booking a this option will optimise everybody’s money
  • If you get seasick, remember to take pills before you get into the ship

Jesse Metelinen

Jesse Metelinen

2. Travel by airplane

Even if this might not be the most sustainable option for traveling, it would not be fair to disregard it from the list. Flying is an easy and fast way to travel but it is usually perceived as expensive. Believe it or not there are several economic offers out there waiting for you! If you do not know what to do in your next vacation or even a long weekend maybe you should open your browser and start looking for traveling destinations in Europe. Next, I will mention some of the most affordable and suitable flights that you can book. All these destinations’ prices vary from 150 SEK (15 €) to 650 SEK (65 €).

Jesse Metelinen


Gdansk (Poland): This is a very popular destination among Nordics. It is a picturesque city in which you can find a wide range of affordable restaurants and bars. I personally recommend this destination because airplane tickets’ prices are stable during the year. Also you can find many nice hotels at a very good price.

Warsaw (Poland): This beautiful city is on my bucket list of places to visit. Plane tickets also tend to be stable during the year. 

Vienna (Austria): In order to plan a weekend in this city you should keep track of offers and price changes. Prices for this destination tend to vary during the year. For this reason it is important to plan with anticipation 

Prague (Czech Republic): This destination is one of the most beautiful from the list. It is also a place which needs planning with anticipation given that prices may slightly vary.

General recommendations

  • Plan your trip with anticipation. Remember that prices are not fixed and they may vary depending on the season.
  • Traveling with friends or your partner might optimise hotel/hostel prices
  • Create price alerts and always compare prices

Gdansk. Anne Maninen

Gdansk. Aline Colonnello

3. Travel by train

Train has always been a very practical transport mean. In Sweden one of the most common ways to travel and visit other places (even other countries) is by train. If you want to see other Swedish cities or towns the best way to do it is by taking the train. As students we have discounts when we purchase tickets. This is a good reason to take a break from the city and visit all those places you have in your bucket list. I will mention some of the most typical and representative places in Sweden that you should visit.


Uppsala: Is a small and beautiful city which is very close to Stockholm’s northern area. To visit Uppsala you may either purchase a special SL commuter train ticket (Stockholm’s public transport system) or buy a SJ (regional trains) ticket. Note that for both ticket types you must apply your student discount. You may find SJ tickets from 85 SEK (8.50 €) to 125 SEK (12.50 €). If you want to purchase an SL ticket you will have to buy a special ticket called UL ticket which will cost you 16 SEK (1.60 €) a single journey.

Norrköping: Is a very small and picturesque city located in the east of Sweden. Norrköping is not far away from Stockholm, since the traveling time in train is approximately one hour and thirty minutes. To visit this place you need to purchase a SJ ticket. Prices may vary between 145 SEK (14.50 €) and 205 SEK (20.50 €)

Örebro: Is a small cozy city which has many historical features and outdoors market places.  It is located in the centre of Sweden. SJ ticket prices are around 195 SEK (19.50 €) and 261 SEK (26 €)

Gothenburg: Is the second biggest city in Sweden. It is located in the west coast of the country and is considered as one of the most beautiful cities. To visit this place you need to purchase a SJ ticket (direct trip). To go Gothenburg you should buy your tickets with anticipation given that prices may increase. The prices are around 295 SEK (29.50 €) and 665 SEK (66.50 €)

General recommendations 

  • Do not forget to always apply your student discount
  • Plan and purchase with anticipation, prices tend to change
  • Do not forget that you can also visit Oslo and Copenhagen for ticket prices that may vary between 500 SEK (50 €) and 1200 SEK (120 €).



I hope this blog had been a useful advice on how to travel cheap and enjoy!


If you want more traveling tips and advices don’t hesitate and contact me!



Aline Colonnello: gloria.aline.colonnello.montero@stud.ki.se

Aline Colonnello - Toxicology

Aline Colonnello - Toxicology

My name is Aline Colonnello Montero, I am twenty five years old and I come from the wonderful but busy Mexico City. I consider myself to be a perseverant person who works hard to meet all my goals and ambitions. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and I currently study the Master’s programme in Toxicology at Karolinska Institutet. My job as part of the digital ambassadors’ team consists on writing blogs


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