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Applying last minute to the MMSc. Global Health

It is December, and the deadline to apply for the MMSc. in Global Health is on the 16th of January 2023; which is in approximately 3 weeks. If you are here then maybe you are now finding the programme and think that it is the perfect fit. Or you had too much on your plate with finals or at your job to begin until now. I get it, the holidays can be a busy time. However, you might be wondering if it is too late to apply for KI at this point with all the things you will need to get done. I think that it is still worth trying.

Here is my own personal guide for what I would do if I was applying to KI at the last minute. Please use this list at your own discretion and always double check everything you do since the application changes every year.

Step 1

Breathe. You can do this. Remember that the deadline for submitting your supporting documents is February 01st 2023. So, the most important thing right now is to get your application in and to pay the fee if you are an international non-EU citizen.

Step 2

First check the application page for important information on country specific requirements and English language requirements. Remember that the requirements for Swedish students and international students are different so make sure to look at your particular list. If you are a viable candidate, move on to step 3.

Step 3

Start your application on the page. Select your course and start the application by following the steps carefully. Please read everything carefully and download any documents you may have to as well as take note of the important messages. It is important to read slowly and carefully at this stage to save yourself from future stress. I personally paid the application fee on the day I began my application just to be safe but that is of course entirely up to you.

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Step 4

Download the KI, CV form for the Global Health Programme and read it thoroughly. There are some supporting documents that you may need that you should spend the rest of the day gathering. Send the necessary emails needed and look for whatever documents you may already have. If you are exhausted stop here and go to Step 5 tomorrow. If not, go directly to finish as quickly as possible.

Step 5 have a list of documents that they require. I will attempt to spend some time gathering those and keeping them close at hand, whether they are digital copies or hard copies. Once you have everything you need it is time to begin filling out the CV form. Filling out the CV form with the information you have on hand is the easiest way to go. It will take some time as you try to get the exact dates and everything into the correct place so make sure you put aside a few hours of uninterrupted time, listen to some music if you need and just tackle it like you would any school assignment.

Also, keep a notepad or google document on hand. This way, if there are any fields that you need to skip because it requires information that you do not have now, you can just write it down so you know what to look for later.

If this took you a few hours then you are likely very tired. So rest up and let’s go on to Step 6.

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Step 6

Hopefully you are doing this on the same day as Step 5 or maybe you are a super whiz scholar who worked in 1000 different jobs and gathering the documents plus filling out all your qualifications took all day, and it is a different day. No matter, we might be on day 3, but this can be the last day.

In this step, you should get some hot chocolate, or grab your favourite tea/coffee/juice and find a nice comfortable area as you work on your statement of intent. Follow the instructions carefully for this. Also, take note of the word limits and requirements. Take your time with this and complete it to the best of your ability.

This was honestly the most difficult step for me, so it was a big sense of relief once this was done.

Step 7

This is the time when you finish filling out the CV form. Also, attaching the necessary documents and paying the fee if you haven’t already done so. Since you gathered everything in the earlier steps, you should also upload the forms needed for After this, submit your application- or you can wait if you want to.

Step 8

At this point you should check on those documents that you needed to email people for. Whether they are references, or maybe job letters, anything. You should check to see who you need to send reminder emails to, or who you might need to follow up with. Also take this time to look at scholarships if you qualify for one.

Step 9

This can come anytime before the deadline for the submission of documents. Step 9 is simply to upload the extra documents before their deadline. Then you are on your way to finishing your application to the Global Health Programme at KI.

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I hope this blog was super helpful to you guys. For other blogs on how the application process went for other students read these blogs by DA’s Naomi, Helen and Fausta.

Zaynab - Global Health

Zaynab - Global Health

Hi, my name is Zaynab and I am from Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the Caribbean. I am currently studying a Master’s in Global Health here at KI and am a blogger for the DA team. I look forward to sharing my experiences at KI and I also hope to expose students from the Caribbean to university life here in Sweden.


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