WFH (working from home) – How to make home office work for you

This past week (and for sure the next upcoming weeks) I will be working from home. Did you just think “Me too”? Well, welcome to the WFH club where it’s easy to get in, no hard door, no rude bouncers. The only thing that is making it difficult for you is you. In this case it is most definitely a me problem and only a me problem.

So here is a short list of things that keep me going, through thesis:

  1. Get out of bed
    The most obvious one is also the hardest (at least for me). The short distance of 3 meters from my bed to my desk feel so far in the morning and scrolling through social media is just so tempting. However, here’s the trick. Make a deal with a friend (or friends to amp up the pressure) to sit down at the desk at 9am and guess what: Facetime each other. If your friend can sit at the desk, so can you!
  2. Checking in 
    Not only the initial call is important, you should also stay in touch throughout the day. Remind each other to go make coffee or to call your mom. Maybe a Facetime brain storming session at 3pm? Keep in touch and don’t isolate yourself. Check on your friends and colleagues. We are all in this together 🙂
  3. Move ya body
    If gym is not for you, Youtube does wonders, example 1, example 2, example 3. Lets all work on not effing up our necks and posture.Plus: Go for a walk! Nature is never far when living in Sweden. Catch that fresh air.
  4. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition
    When WFH for only one day each week, I would treat myself to sweets on sweets on sweets on sweets. You know, some pastry plus coffee here and there. But as my WFH days get more and more frequent, I am actually striving towards a more balanced diet. Foods that give me comfort and help me feel good. Just an hour ago today, I made pea soup. (On medium high heat, sauté 1 red onion, 2 cloves of garlic and ginger until soft. Add 1 – 2 cups of frozen peas and cover with broth. Let that sit for 3 – 4 min. Add coconut milk. Reduce to low heat and let simmer for 5 min. Blend it all up and voila, easy peasy pea soup). For more ideas, check here.
  5. Pump up the jam
    If you’re ever feeling blue, just know that I will shamelessly put this playlist on max volume. Are my neighbours judging me for listening to e.g. Shania Twain on repeat? Maybe! But little do they know that this is what I do whenever I successfully write another page of my thesis. Keeping it light these days 🙂

So concluding, none of the above will be new to you and surely there are things missing on this list. However, maybe this is just a reminder that we all struggle with WFH sometimes. But remember, the best ideas may come to you in the weirdest and strangest of times!

Title photo: Erik Flyg, 2019


How to stay focused when studying online – Student blogs from Karolinska Institutet

How to stay focused when studying online – Student blogs from Karolinska Institutet

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