Picture of me in front of the water at Djurgården

Hello from the new Global Health DA!

A bit about me!

Hej everyone! My name is Katherine, but everyone calls me Katie, and I am the new blogger for the master’s programme in global health. I’m from Reading, a town relatively near London, but I study in Southampton, on the South Coast of England. In the UK I study medicine; I’ve currently studied 3 years of my medical degree, and after this masters, I will go back to the UK to finish the final 2 years of the degree and qualify as a doctor! 

In my free time, I really enjoy sport, especially running. On Saturday mornings, I love doing parkrun and I can’t wait for the COVID restrictions to relax so that I can run the weekly 5km in Hagaparken! I have also run the Berlin Marathon, and am looking forward to running the London Marathon next year (as long as COVID allows me to). One of my goals is to run all of the 6 World Marathon Majors!

Me in front of the Brandenburg Gate after the Berlin Marathon

This is me after I ran the Berlin Marathon – tired, but very happy!

Why did I choose KI?

I chose to come to KI because I think that the Karolinska Institutet is a world-renowned University! Having decided that I wanted to study global health in my year out of medicine, I decided that I would apply to KI as I feel it is important to look at healthcare from an outside, overall view, rather than just focussing on healthcare from a narrower, internal view. I also wanted to come and do a global masters at KI as there are students on my course from all over the world and from all different backgrounds, and that definitely enriches the experience I have studying global health.

My aims for the year

This year, I hope to be able to become friends with many different people from all over the world! Being at KI is a unique opportunity to meet people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds. I also hope to be able to explore Stockholm more! Before moving here to study, I had never been to Sweden before, so I am really looking forward to being able to discover new places in Stockholm, and also further afield! So far I have already found lots of lovely cafes (for fika) and museums in Stockholm, and have already travelled to Uppsala too. 

View of flowers with Stockholm City Hall in the background

Stockholm is such a pretty city, especially on a sunny day!

What will I write about?

One of my goals this year is to write a lot of blogs! I plan to write about what I get up to on my course, activities I end up doing and give you some tips about coming to KI. 

If you have any questions about the programme feel free to contact me!

Email: katherine.jane.rennie@stud.ki.se

Katie Rennie - Global Health

Katie Rennie - Global Health

Hey! I’m Katie, a blogger for the master's programme in global health. I’m from England, and I’ve currently studied half of my medical degree in the UK, and after this year I will return to the UK to complete my degree and qualify as a doctor. If you have any questions about the programme feel free to contact me!


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