Advice from a doctor: Consider applying for the Master’s Programme in Health Informatics

One of the Master’s Programmes offered by Karolinska Institutet is the Joint Master’s in Health Informatics. You should consider applying before the deadline closes. Why, you ask? Here is why.

1. “You’d be the one to unite our two worlds.” (Aquaman, 2018)

No spoilers here, don’t worry! Borrowing a quote from the above movie is the best way to depict the role of a health informatician. Being admitted to this programme, either you have a healthcare or computer science background, you would be learning from both ‘worlds’. Both of them are rapidly expanding and always seek improvement. By being a health informatician, you have the opportunity to combine the knowledge and skills from the healthcare and computer sciences to produce something that is more beneficial. You think this reason is too conceptual? Keep on reading.

2. You can help people, a lot!

Imagine that you are working to develop a model of a system that improves patient’s accessibility, improve their flow within the healthcare facilities, thus removing their waiting time. Imagine that you are working to develop a system that helps doctors (and other practitioners) to make better decisions regarding their plan for their patients. Imagine that you develop an application that helps the patient to track their health, stay healthy, and prevent them from getting sick (too often). Now, stop imagining because those are only some contributions that you can get involved in, and start considering to apply for this programme.

3. It’s is a science of now and future

New inventions in the healthcare and the computer sciences are growing unceasingly. You will learn from the most recent research findings, the most up-to-date knowledge, and the most cutting-edge health informatics technology. By being exposed to the continuously changing field of sciences, you will have the understanding that you also are learning not only for the current situation but also for the future, being prepared for something yet to be created. Maybe you are the one destined to create something new!

4. Your role is still highly demanded

As a newly emerging science, the demand for a health informaticians is still high as the profession is not saturated yet. Moreover, you could still maintain your previous role if you prefer to, either it is healthcare or computer science, and a master’s degree in health informatics will be a valuable addition to yourself.

Still need more confirmations before applying? You can ask directly to some of the digital ambassadors from the health informatics programme. Find us here and you can read our stories about why we end up taking this programme.

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