View of the Pacific Ocean from Lima - Peru

New Biomedicine (MSc) blogger: Hola, Hi, Hej!

Hi everybody! 😀 I am very excited to introduce myself as the new blogger for the Masters in Biomedicine programme. My name is Alessandra but I usually go by Kyomi, a nickname my family gave me when I was a baby. Since then, most people I know call me that, so feel free to do so as well!

Me next to a giant inflatable brain

Me + a giant brain

Before Stockholm and Karolinska Institutet

I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. For me, this meant I grew up speaking Spanish, eating Lomo Saltado, learning about Andean civilizations, and practicing Peruvian dances.

Food. A plate with Lomo Saltado + Tallarines a la Huancaina.

Peruvian food – Lomo + Tallarines a la Huancaina. I really miss it!

When the time to decide what to study at university came, I knew I wanted to major in science. More specifically, I sought to learn about the nervous system and gain research experience in the field. Therefore, I moved abroad, to the great city of brotherly love, Philadelphia – USA to complete my bachelor’s in biological sciences.

Philadelphia city hall with christmas lights in front of it

Philadelphia City Hall

Once I graduated, my family and I went on a New England road trip and I visited Boston for the first time. The city was so beautiful that I decided to apply for a couple of jobs there. I managed to get an offer, so I moved to Boston to work as a research tech in a neuroscience lab.

View of river and Boston skyline

Charles River View – Boston

Boston skyline view from the harbor

Boston Harbor

Moving here

After working for a year and taking some evening graduate courses, I knew I wanted to continue my full-time education. At the same time, I was curious about moving abroad again so I looked for master’s programs in Europe. I applied to the MSc in Biomedicine programme at Karolinska Institutet because I really liked the classes being offered, the research environment and KI’s reputation in neuroscience. Then, on April 27th of this year, I woke up to the news that I had received a KI Global Master’s Scholarship (for which I am really thankful!), and that is when I knew I was going to move to Sweden.

Fast forward to a few months later, now I am here in Stockholm! Loving how gorgeous the city is, with its colorful buildings and water everywhere.

View of a street with colorful buildings

Colorful buildings – Stockholm

View of a golden gate and the sea in front of it


I have really liked my time here so far! I can’t wait to see what else I am going to experience and sharing it with you.

Nice to meet you 🙂  Let me know if you have any questions/comments/blog suggestions/etc.

Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

Alessandra - Biomedicine (MSc)

Hi everybody! My name is Alessandra, but I usually go by my nickname, Kyomi. My role in the digital ambassador team is being the new Biomedicine (MSc) blogger. I was born and raised in Peru, but I moved to the United States for my undergraduate studies. After graduation, I worked for 2 years in a neuroscience lab. Now, I have moved to Sweden to be a student at Karolinska Institutet!


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